Promposal - Rhonda Helms
Promposal is one of those books that just sucks you in because it is so damn adorable. I went into this book knowing nothing about the author or the book itself. I just like fun romantic reads and this seemed like a good choice, and I was right. This was a very fast read, I finished it in one sitting.

I really loved the authenticity of the plot and its characters. I loved that the high school setting felt real and genuine, something that can be hard to do in this genre. I think my favorite part of this story was that we got two different POVs, Josh and Camilla. I liked reading these two stories because even though they are completely two different characters their stories interacted on many levels so no matter whose POV you were reading we were getting info on each character.

Joshua's story was my favorite, maybe it was because he was just a genuine characters and nice guy overall. Or maybe because I loved that his high school experience being gay was anything but tragic. I thought that was a nice change from many other books I have read. I loved that he was out and no one really cared that much. I thought his crush on his best friend was adorable and I was routing for him the entire way. Camilla was a very different reading experience for me. She was harder to like as a character and narrator. I think I wanted her to have more of a backbone in some scenarios, but overall I routed for her in the end.

Even though I knew how the book would end, because it was just that kind of story, I still really enjoyed the read, It was a fast and fun book that made me smile from beginning to end. A great weekend read for anyone who loves a good sweet contemporary.