Hit - Delilah S. Dawson
This book immediately starts off with a bang. We find out that the United States has been taken over by a bank called Valor National and that the government is no longer. Patsy, the protagonist, has been chosen to go after ten different people who are in extreme debt to this bank. Each of these ten people has to choose one of three things: pay off the debt now in full, become a bounty hunter like Patsy, or be shot right on the spot. Patsy was one of the people who chose to become a bounty hunter for her mother's debt. If Patsy doesn't do her job, her mother is going to be killed and that's definitely not something that she's okay with.

Hit was extremely suspenseful, especially because of the way that it started. It's never slow at all; it's always very fast-moving which I absolutely adored. Nobody likes to read a slow book! Throughout the entire book, I felt so sympathetic towards Patsy. I don't know how she manages to kill people and live with that blood on her hands. She freaks out about it a few times, but she always keeps moving forward because she wants to save her mothers life.

One of my favorite things about this book was Wyatt, the side character who was always there for Patsy. Wyatt's father was the very first name on Patsy's list, so she killed him immediately because he couldn't pay the debt in full. Wyatt ends up being Patsy's sidekick, even though his brother is #10 on the list. Wyatt was super funny and caring, though he seemed to have some anger issues at times when Patsy didn't realize the smallest things. I did like how he was willing to do anything for her though. However, I don't know how Wyatt managed to not cry and freak out over the loss of his father. I mean, his father just died yet he's willing to road trip everywhere with this girl whom he has just met! He doesn't seem to shed a tear even once. I blame it on love for Patsy.

When I first finished this book, I was mentally screaming inside because of that ending! I had no idea that it was part of a series, though I'm glad that it is because after you finish reading Hit, you'll be itching for more suspense-ridden scenes with Wyatt and Patsy.
I have so many questions that I hope the next book answers! I'd definitely suggest giving this one a read!