The Darkest Part of the Forest - Holly Black
A modern day fairytale with that old world feel

The Darkest Part of the Forest takes place in a modern town bordered by a forest full of fey. Its quite the hot tourist attraction what with the ageless young horned boy that lies asleep in a glass coffin in the woods. But the townspeople know that the fey can be dangerous and as they’ve lived alongside them for years they always take precautions that the tourists never do. Something has been changing though because not only are tourists being preyed upon by the fey but now townsfolk as well.

Kiss the boys and make them cry

Hazel is a bit of a heart breaker. She likes to have fun and she isn’t opposed to trysting with the boys at parties with a few heated kisses. But she never wants anything more then that…except maybe she does and is too afraid to go after the one boy she shouldn’t want…her brother’s best friend Jack.

The musician who refuses to make music

When Ben was just a baby his artist mother was painting in the woods and met a fey lady who bestowed a blessing/curse of music upon Ben. The gift was that of music – to be able to enrapture anyone that listens. But all gifts from the fey are double edged.

Of both worlds and neither

Jack is a changeling who grew up in the town of Fairfold as if he were any normal human boy – except in his case everyone in town knows he is a changeling. His foster mother realized as soon as he was swapped for her own child that she wasn’t the baby she had given birth to and thus hatched a plan to get her baby back but when she did she refused to give up Jack saying that any mother who would willingly leave her child doesn’t deserve them and so she raised both babies as her own.

Be careful what you wish for

This book revolves around Hazel (16) and her brother Ben (17). Mostly though this is Hazel’s story. She’s always held this childhood dream of being a knight ever since they were children playing in the woods that surround their town of Fairfold and discover a half eaten body by the lake. A nasty hag attacks Hazel and with the help of Ben and a sword Hazel finds they are able to put an end to the nasty water hag. From then on Hazel is determined to protect the people from harm. But she and her brother were in more danger then she wanted to admit and Ben soon puts a stop to their adventuring because of his mounting worry. But Hazel doesn’t ever want to stop – so she makes a bargain…now flash forward about 6 years…

Your debts are coming due

The horned boy in the glass coffin is missing and Hazel’s debt to the fey for her bargain has come due. Her and her brother who have both been in love with the horned boy since they were children are set on finding and helping him and enlist the help of Ben’s best friend Jack.

Magical, engrossing and a YA fantasy definitely not to be missed

The Darkest Part of the Forest was all around fun. At times dark and foreboding with parts that made me ache with sadness to others that were full of magic – the story did a fabulous job of embodying a true fairytale while placing it in a modern setting. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read thus far by this author. She has such a smooth and easy writing style that had me flying through the pages and at the end before the day was through. The characters were dynamic and the story didn’t seem to suffer any of the typical YA tropes that frequently plaque some of the other YA books I’ve read. If you are a lover of fairytales this right here is the book of goodies you want.