True Fire - Gary Meehan
True Fire captured my attention quickly and gripped me to the end. It's a wonderful tale with memorable characters whose flaws, fears and motivations keep you guessing and occasionally gasping in surprise. 16 year old Megan has seen her family murdered, her sister abducted and her village destroyed. She finds herself allied with the gorgeous Eleanor, dispossessed Countess, and Damon, ex-enemy soldier. Somehow this odd 'triple' must band together to save Megan's sister from the clutches of the invading army. I loved reading an exciting, adventure story set against an intriguing political/historical landscape that wasn't romance driven. There are warring factions with terrible agendas, mysterious allies with questionable pasts, twists and turns that give you whiplash and the best in snappy dialogue, rich description and a slew of brilliant one-liners. Meehan's wit and clever story telling makes this soooo much fun to read