I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives - Martin Ganda, Caitlin Alifirenka, Liz Welch
Caitlin and Martin's story gives you faith that in the possibility of making a difference in the world.

I can definitely see this being a fantastic read for kids 10-12 who I think will be most inspired by and open to the push for greater engagement with the world that fill this book. They are also less likely to be scornful of its sentimentality and the simplicity of the writing style than the early teen crowd that Little, Brown seems to be targeting with its marketing push.

I know some have criticized this book for a variety of reasons -- sentimentality, choppy writing, perpetuating the idea of white saviors of impoverished black people, etc. Perhaps these are all valid on some level, but on the other hand, it left me with the impression that both Martin and Caitlin were profoundly changed by the relationship that built between them over many years. My fingers are crossed that their story will inspire similar changes for at least some of the kids--and adults--who take the time to

ARC from Edelweiss