Meet Your Baker - Ellie Alexander
Meet Your Baker is a mild and cozy mystery read. I’m a big fan of mystery books and for someone who read A LOT of books in this genre, I can really say that the mystery was neatly done. The tension, the build up, the way the secrets were revealed and the setting really appealed to me.

Juliet or Jules is a wonderful main character. I like how she thinks and even though we are not in the same age group, I surprisingly identified with her. She’s an incredible daughter, she made me laugh and she knows how to ask the right questions which is a great attribute in a character especially in this genre. All the secondary are well done too. I admit that the culprit was unexpected. I did not see it coming.

The way the author described Juliet’s hometown is truly inviting. I have this sudden urge to stop everything and visit the town even though there’s currently a murder that needs to be solved. And also, the recipes!!! Probably one of the many resons I like this book so much. I ended up humgry when i finished Meet Your Baker and I still dint know if that’s a good or bad thimg.

I still want to meet Carlos and I’m excited to what will happen next to Jules. Can’t wait for the next installment!!

ARC from Netgalley