Out of the Dragon's Mouth - Joyce Burns Zeiss
Out of the Dragon’s Mouth is a poignant story of escaping from the fall of South Vietnam and then life in a refuge camp. Mai was a child who had been protected and indulged. Her ancestry was Chinese, but her family had lived in Vietnam. She was selected by her family to escape with her uncle. The family’s life was altered dramatically when the Communistic Viet Cong overtook South Vietnam.

Mai is jammed into a fishing trawler with very few possessions. Together with her uncle they are forced to survive in a refuge camp where daily life consists of waiting in lines for food, for water, and for information. The horrors of the limited resources, the betrayal of the family and the constant strain of a new life are brilliantly portrayed in Out of the Dragon’s Mouth. Mai’s life as an indulged daughter does not prepare her for the camp.

This young adult novel is going to be an eye-opening read for many young people. The struggles of survival are going to be so out of their understanding. Out of the Dragon’s Mouth is a must read.

ARC from Netgalley