Killer Instinct - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Like I have come to expect from all Disney-Hyperion books and even Jennifer herself, I was not disappointed in Killer Instinct.

Like it's predecessor, this was a fun thrilling and fast paced ride that I loved every minute of.

I loved Cassie, Dean. Sloane, Michael, and Lia in The Naturals and is was without question that when the second book came out, I was going to get it and I was going to love it.

This was even better than the first and I did indeed love every minute of it.

If possible, the whole team of Naturals was better, smarter, sassier, funny, and just down right amazing.

I love their whole dynamic. They might not always like each other but they do all love each other. They have become a family and it was so very nice to see them work together, stick up for one another, and to have each other's backs.

The mystery was better, the writing was better, and the action was better. I can truly see this becoming one of my go to series when I want a good mystery with just the right amount of intrigue, action, and light romance.

I am so very excited for where book three will lead us. So many changes, conditions, friendships and heartbreaks have formed and happened. It is going to be a fun ride.