Killer Frost - Jennifer Estep
love this series, therefore I absolutely loved this final book! I’m absolutely heartbroken that this wonderful series has come to an end, but glad that it ended the way it did

I’ll keep this short since I’m never really good at writing long reviews for the last book in a series so let me just say that if you’ve read all of the books up until this point and you’ve either liked or loved it: FINISH IT. It’s just as funny, just as emotional, just as action packed, and just as crazy as the previous 5 books! There was some romance in the final book (not as much as books 1-4 but definitely more than 5), but that s of course understandable since Loki returning to full power is sorta, you know, more important to focus on than a romantic relationship.

Anyways, thank you Ms. Estep for a wonderful series! I absolutely look forward to any plans you may have in store in the YA department