Lemonade Mouth - Mark Peter Hughes
don't normally watch a movie before I read the book, I have always been a read the book first kind of girl, but I did actually see Lemonade Mouth before I read it. Comparing this book to the movie, I was impressed by how similar it actually was. There are differences of course as there always are, but the important stuff I felt remained the same and the stuff that was changed or left out, I understood since the movie was made for Disney Channel.

The actual story/book: I loved the story of this book, a group of kids who are somewhat misfits find each other and end up great friends. I love seeing how they handle the challenges the each face both alone and together with friends. It's truly a story of personal growth (for each member of the band) as well as a story of realizing that you don't have to, nor should you do everything alone. Everyone needs friends. And finally, it's a story about how even kids can make a difference if they stick to what they believe in and do what they feel is right. I'm looking forward to the sequel. (less)