Midnight Frost - Jennifer Estep
I was so glad to get back to reading a new book in one of my favorite series.

So, in this installment of the Mythos Academy series, (not surprisingly), Gwen is almost killed...AGAIN! This time someone attempted to poison her...but no such luck (for the reapers, that is). Instead, someone close to Gwen is poisoned in her place. Now Gwen must save this someone before it's too late by going out to find an antidote in a very dangerous place. There was so much action and awesome fighting scenes!

I honestly loved everything about this book! The voice of the story I absolutely love! Vic and Nyx...what a pair! They are SO cute! And Vic makes me laugh every time he opens his mouth. Another couple that is cute: Alexei and Oliver.

And the twists and turns you don't see coming? Awesome! There's this new character we meet, Rory. She is very intriguing and I kept wondering what her deal was because, seriously? Rude much? Anyway, prepare to be shocked!

And Gwen is so sassy sometimes, I love it! She doesn't take crap from anyone, and she is very loyal to her friends! And the thing with the Gryphons...whoa!

This book was just perfect from start to finish and I cannot wait to read what the reapers have in store next for Gwen and her friends!