Hook's Revenge, Book 2 The Pirate Code - Heidi Schulz, John Hendrix
I could never do the narrator justice in an attempt to imitate his biting wit and droll humor in writing this review--he said so himself. So I'll simply say this book is SO. MUCH. FUN. The humor and one-liners and fantastical details of Neverland are just as good (dare I say, better?) as in HOOK'S REVENGE. And, as in the previous book, this one is full of heart as well. The girl characters are fantastic--fun, powerful, smart, and generally full of awesome. And Jocelyn's friendship with new girl Evie...no spoilers but have a handkerchief ready (or, more likely, your sleeve, you scalliwags). Plus, TREASURE! I know I need say no more, but I will because I can. I <3 this book and so will you! (Or you'll walk the plank, you filthy dogs.)<br/>
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