This is a beautiful, sensitive book about homelessness, fractured families, inner turmoil, and broken dreams and promises. Zig is 13, and as the book starts he is excited about the weekend when his dad, a busy real estate developer, will be visiting. He loves spending time with his dad, but knows not to get his hopes up too high, because things come up, and often his dad has an emergency to deal with at the last minute, so plans get postponed. And of course, that happens.

What Zig can't figure out, though, is why his dad's cell phone isn't working, and why his mom seems to be hiding things from him. With a bit of investigation (snooping), Zig finds his mom has been in contact with his dad and has gotten further and further in debt with the landlord, while she has been juggling a heavy schedule of nursing school and working at the diner. At this same time, Zig becomes interested in geocaching, and is certain that one of the cachers is his dad. Zig becomes absolutely positive that if he follows the path created by Senior Searcher, he will find clues left from his dad, and eventually it will lead to his dad.

Kate Messner does it again! This book is a delight in so many ways - I especially loved the metaphor of the title. How many of us spend a lot of our lives trying to find the "exact location of home?"

But this book also teaches the importance of friendship as well as empathy. So many people are homeless for reasons others aren't aware. This book is great at addressing the misconceptions of stereotyping all homeless people.