The Storyspinner (The Keepers' Chronicles, #1) - Becky  Wallace
When I open up a fantasy novel I read for a bunch of reasons: to escape, to discover and learn, to get lost, and to fall in love. I find when I'm done that my experience has fulfilled one or two of the reasons of my list, sometimes none, but when a book has me go through everything, I call that one a "keeper." Let me tell you, The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace is definitely a keeper!

Let me explain further. The Storyspinner features an amazing colorful cast of interesting characters, the story lines are filled with excitement, wonder, mysteries and more, the worldbuilding treats us to a strange, intriguing new world, and there's a budding love story. I never wanted to stop reading. Take a break? Get a drink? No way! When I realized there were multiple points-of-view (narrated by Johanna, Rafael, Jacaré, Leão, Tex and Pira), I'll admit I grew hesitant. There was no need to worry. Wallace's characters kept the story flowing, sharing their views, while the pacing held steady. Fight scenes were intense, sections filled with wonder held tension, while lighter scenes provided a welcomed break.

Johanna is the ideal heroine for YA fantasy. A young girl growing up, part of a "Performing" family, forced to face unknown situations and dangers, she's dedicated to her family, tough, smart and compassionate. She watches over her younger brothers and their mom. It took a while to warm up to Lord Rafael "Rafi" DeSilva due to his arrogance and attitude, but later on he won me over during a certain dance with his sweet charm. What intrigued me most about this book were the two storylines--Johanna and Rafi and a group of magic users called The Keepers--which intersect together farther in. This group has been searching for someone who they think is Johanna but will she believe them? There's a lot to enjoy.

Fantasy lover? Let The Storyspinner weave its magic around you. It worked for me. I can't wait for book two of The Keepers' Chronicles.