Dog with a Bone - Hailey Edwards
I received this book from NetGalley for review

This book was, okay. The characters were interesting and I liked that the story had little to do with romance. Thierry was a very different female character, and I liked that her personality wasn't cliche or over the top awesome. Same goes for the story itself. Removing the supernatural aspects of the story, it would still be interesting.

Shaw was also a pretty good character, and there was a mutual attraction between Thierry and Shaw but I was never really all that clear on his age, or exactly what kind of fae Thierry is. The only down side of this story for me was that it was really slow paced and not that long. I would have liked more story and more information on the fae laws and what kind of fae can do what, as well more about Thierry herself. I liked this book and it was a quick fun read.