The Grass Is Always Greener - Jen Calonita
A good closer to the Belles trilogy which I found to be thoroughly entertaining. The writing is strategic and thoughtful; I could easily see this series becoming a TV show.

I realize that this series might seem very cookie-cutter to some readers, but I appreciated the wholesome approach to the Monroe family's problems. There are some heavy topics that are explored but not exploited: class issues, illegitimacy, political scandal, etc. The characters are privileged for sure, but also gracious and a little bit naive. The lack of curse words makes this an easy series for me to recommend to tweens and teens. Personally, I found the characters overall to be very endearing and even though the Monroe family may seem perfect, it is still unusually blended in an era in which most family units in YA lit are plagued by divorce or addiction or generally unsupportive parents.

The reason I gave this novel 4 of 5 stars is because I thought it was wrapped up a little too quickly, especially with Zoe, the long lost aunt, and with Mira's new boyfriend, Landon. Regardless, it's is one of my go-to series for teens. I am definitely going back to read Calonita's previous series when I get a chance.