Winter White - Jen Calonita
I truly enjoyed Belles by Jen Calonita (the first book in this series). The events of Winter White pick up where Belles left off as Mira and Izzie try to piece things back together in the wake of their father’s big revelation. The fallout that comes from that is the source of a lot of emotional turmoil throughout this novel.

I’ve always been more partial to Izzie. I just got her in the first novel, and that continues here. Mira, however, surprised me. She managed to work her way into my heart, which I didn’t think Calonita could pull off. After the events in Belles (the ending notwithstanding), I was pretty irritated with how petty and snobby Mira was, but Winter White is her time to shine. Of the two, I felt like Mira had more to deal with this time around, and that really opened her up to me as a reader.

This series is light and fun and airy. It doesn’t strive to be literary genius, and that’s part of its charm. It’s sweet; something to curl up with and indulge in. I won’t lie and say there weren’t parts that made me want to slap both girls (but hey, they are teenage girls), but overall this is a series I truly enjoy reading and you will, too.