The Only Thing to Fear - Caroline Tung Richmond
In an alternate universe, Hitler and the Nazis won. Zara is a young teenager who helps her only relative, her Uncle around the farm. Growing cabbage for the military troops, this is her life. When she starts to get attention from a young German teen, she realizes there might be hope after all. Will he betray her of help save the rebellion to take down the head of the snake?

I loved the new world that Caroline built. She describes a lot about what happens to other countries which I like because most authors don't mention anything but the United States. The fictional history that she weaved through the story was so interesting and I was never bored.

Zara being a half Japanese and half English main character is so great to see. I wasn't surprised at all that Japan and Italy would be their allies. To see the prejudice and racism that happened between her and others is also a given. I wasn't expecting any Jews either to be alive and that thought horrified me. Postwar cleansing? It's like they wanted to be clean of these sub-par humans. *shudders* There's also the Colonel that gave me the biggest shivers who would stare at her in the most perverted ways. So creepy.

I liked the story and it kept moving and moving until the climax. The one thing that I didn't think was necessary was the romance. Even though it wasn't a big part of the story, I think even having none of it would keep it strong. It's hard to fall in love when Nazis are hunting you down. I was also not surprised when there were super human Anomalies who would become part of the military. Genetics and testing on the Jews is something the actual Nazis did.

Overall, I enjoyed reading about a different world if the Nazis won. The fight for love and freedom is so strong and that was the biggest message here.