True Heroes: A Treasury of Modern-day Fairy Tales Written by Best-Selling Authors - Jonathan Diaz, Brandon Mull, Ally Condie, Shannon Hale, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Ilima Todd, Jess Smiley, Lehua Parker, Sharlee Glenn, Clint Johnson, Linda Gerber, Adam Sidwell, Frank L. Cole, Bobbie Pyron, Peggy Eddleman, J. Scott Savage, Chad Morris, Tyler Whitesides, Sara B
The third and final addition to the Princess Academy series is an absolute delight. It's no secret that I basically love all things Shannon Hale, but this one is extra special.

The Forgotten Sisters is full of really poignant emotions. And I loved this best about the book. Miri is miserable in the swamp and fiercely misses Peder and Marda, but then she begins to love the girls and understand their lives. This transition is communicated so eloquently. Astrid, Felissa, and Sus are fabulous additions to the series. Fully developed and every bit as likeable and unique as any of the girls from Mount Eskel.

The Forgotten Sisters is also not without its share of high-stakes drama. Soldiers. Pirates. Snakes. Caiman. The Chief Delegate. Bandits. Epic Escapes. You get the picture. It's all in there.