Tear You Apart - Sarah Cross
Fairytales are one of my favorite things, but fairytale mashups, or "broken" fairytales, are even cooler! I recently read and loved STITCHING SNOW (by RC Lewis), as well as CINDER and the entire series by Marissa Meyer. I think readers who loved those will love TEAR YOU APART.

It starts out with our main character, Viv, who has a "snow white" curse. This means that, at some point in her life, she's destined to be murdered by the huntsman, or put to an endless sleep by her evil stepmother. In this book, the stepmother is seriously evil, and a little bit MILF-ish *yeah, I just said MILF), and it's hilarious! A perfect way to turn the evil stepmother character on its head. The huntsman is Viv's lifelong best friend and true love...which also creates some pretty interesting moments between the two of them.

When Viv is finally scared for her life that she's going to either die or be "put to sleep", she goes to the Underworld. This setting is awesome, because it's basically the typical Underworld setting that we know about from stories, but inside of the castle, there's a constant ball. The "dancing princess" fairytale is in here, and this is where Viv meets her Prince Charming. In the stories, Prince Charming is supposed to be...well, charming. But in this story--and I won't spoil it---I think readers will have mixed feelings towards him. And it's meant to be that way!

Overall, I won't give much away, because this book is full of lots of fun twists and turns and curses and secrets...but I loved it! If you're a fan of ONCE UPON A TIME, CINDER, or anything fairtytale-esque, pick this one up!