Stand Tall - Joan Bauer
Again I'm astounded by Bauer. Her heart, her understanding, her way with words. She's fabulous and I highly recommend anything I've read so far (Backwater, Hope Was Here, Stand that all?).

I don't make a habit of retelling the story, so I won't do it here either. Sorry.

A boy protagonist! Bauer doesn't employ that device often and I wish she would! Not that her females aren't fantastic, because they are...but Tree was wonderful. He was real and so was his life.

This book deals with friendship, family relations, divorce (what kids really feel about it and how lame the parents can be sometimes in efforts to smooth things over, Tree's mother was a moron, but Sophie had an interesting take on that), war (one of my favorite parts of the book), service, loyalty, being who you are, etc.

Just fabulous. I highly recommend to anyone. I do not know if a child going through a divorce would do well with it or not, fortunately my life has not been impacted personally by divorce so I don't know how it would really feel to read a book like this. Perhaps someone with experience could share?

Great for probably 10 & up.