Beastly - Alex Flinn

Beastly is a heartwarming, wonderfully retold version of Beauty and the Beast. It is a very delightful read, with the chat sessions, the modern-day setting, the wide range of emotions, lots of references to classics, and tons of roses. It is just perfect. I expected a fairy tale retold, I’m not disappointed.

The story deals with important issues, such as inner values over appearance, abandoned children, the parent-child relationship, true friendship, empathy, patience, and love.

BeastNYC: OK. It all started because of a witch.
Froggie: thts hw they all strt

The story is told from Kyle’s (a.k.a. Adrian’s) point of view. His character is creditably drawn. Kyle has to reevaluate everything he thought to be right and worth following before: his values and beliefs in life, friendship, love, his relationship with his father, and his attitude toward people as a whole.

Lindy appears in the middle of the book. She comes from terrible family circumstances. She is a strong and courageous character, she is smart and independent. Lindy’s character is not fully elaborated, so to understand her thoughts and feelings Lindy’s Diary is highly recommended.

It is a slow-paced read, because the setting spans two years. Although I usually don’t, I enjoyed every moment of that. There are no surprises in the plot, but the ‘hows’ are interesting.