Towering - Alex Flinn

Towering is an enchantingly dark re-telling of Rapunzel with a modern twist.

The story opens with a clash of modern and fairytale-esq scene setting. Trapped in a tower she's never left Rachel reads classics and wonders what the world outside her confinement is like. Alternately, Wyatt checks his cell phone for reception as he exits a train and steps into the small, isolated town of Slakkill.

My favourite aspect of this book was the mystery. Flinn creates a creepy, and desolate atmosphere that adds to the overall tone of the story and immediately sucks you in. After a devastating incident, Wyatt is sent to live with Mrs Greenwood, his mothers childhood best friends mum. Upon arrival he finds the journal of Mrs Greenwood's long lost daughter, Dani. Using this journal he tries to piece together the mystery behind Dani's disappearance - all the while questioning his sanity. Did he really just see Dani's ghost? Why can he hear singing that no one else can? What secrets lie in the town of Slakkill?

Flinn throws a bunch of questions at the reader, which makes for an interesting and unpredictable read. You wonder why Rachel's 'mama' keeps her trapped in a tower, and question how she fits into the puzzle Wyatt is trying to solve. Plus, you know as the reader that the two will unite at some point...

Towering is a quick read with a solid writing style and an interesting mystery.