Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel - Megan   Morrison

Fairy tale retellings are my catnip, especially when the story incorporates multiple fairy tales. Both Rapunzel and Jack the Beanstalker take the stage in Grounded, and their story is unlike any other that I have read. The third person narrative packs all the heart, voice, and emotion that first person narratives often do and provides the reader with uncountable moments of witty, hilarious, and meaningful dialogue. There wasn’t a second after I passed the first page that I wasn’t eager to keep reading and desperately hoping the to-do lists of the day would vanish for the sake of adventure.

The quick but steady pace, delicious plot twists, and honest writing set up a heart-pounding fairy tale, but the characters, both main and secondary, are what will steal the hearts of readers. Rapunzel is beautifully flawed, unapologetically herself, and a character whose growth will quite possibly draw a few tears from time to time. She is a top-notch role model whose steadfast sincerity and loyalty will captivate both young and adult readers. Alongside her, Jack is absolutely adorable, a brave dreamer, and a fantastic friend whose own journey is full of meaning and maturing. Megan Morrison does a stunning job of crafting a villain for the story who draws compassion, uncertainty, and above all, complexity.

This invigorating story is perfect for fans of the movie Tangled, readers of fairy tales, and anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure. As one of my favorite reads ever, I can’t wait to flip through these pages again and again, soaking up the magic of Rapunzel and Jack’s journey. Grounded has addicted me to the world of Tyme, and I wish all the speed of the fairies for the next book to come along.